Messenger APP has becomed our everyday use communication tool, however, are you aware of the following facts?

Every single message was received, made a copy, and forwared by the service provider.

When someone has access to the server, your message is no longer safe.

Man in the middle communication

Designed with privacy in mind

BIM Box is the first in the world instant messaging solution that you could bring home without any hesitation. This palm size server is easy to setup and could be installed anywhere you want.

Using our software, you could communicate with your friends around the world.

Bank-level security to ensure all your data is safe. On top of that, you could always use our self destruct message to leave no trace at all.

Quick deployment

4 easy steps to setup your privetely owned messaging service

Install BIM BOX

Step 1.

Install BIM BOX

Install BIM APP

Step 2.

Install BIM APP

SMS to invite friends

Step 3.

SMS to invite friends

Communicate securely

Step 4.

Communicate securely


We’ve built a privacy platform from the ground up to protect your data and keep your communications private.

Quick and simple

Quick & Simple

Install within 15 minutes

multi platform support

Multi Platform

iOS \ Android \ Web \ Windows

self destruction

Self Destruction

Secret message will be deleted after reading

stay connected

Stay Connected

Worldwide coverage, sign in via different phone numbers

Security Certified

Certified by Devcore, BIM's server and architecture meet the highest global standard compliance requirements, which thoroughly covers scanning, vulnerability check and penetration tests.

· OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project)
· OSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual)
· NIST SP 800-115 (National Institute of Standards and Technology - Special Publication 800-115)

Security Certified

Enterprise Customers

Institute for Information Industry

Institute for Information Industry

Anderson Group

Anderson Group



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Start chatting privately, and smartly


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Amphiware, founded in 2015 by engineers with decades of global experience, stays focus on mobile solution, software development consulting and system integration projects.

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Most existing free or paid instant messaging services store all messages in their own cloud server. e.g. WhatsApp, SnapChat from United States. Telegram from Russia, Line from Japan, or WeChat from China.

Even with the business solutions, like Slack, Lync, Chatworks and Jandi, Dinging, they have same type of storage concept

Cloud service is convenient but it does not address the privacy issue that the customers really care about. Centralized data storage is easy to turn into an attacking target, and the hackers could steal large amount of data in a short period of time.

For LinkedIn, there were 117 million emails was hacked, and for Dropbox, 68 million user passwords were leaked, both in 2016. As for iCloud, a collection of almost 500 private pictures of various celebrities were hacked in 2014. There were also malicious covert surveillance programs revealed Edward Snowden.

Therefore, BIM Box no longer takes public cloud approach, but, rather, let the user host their own messaging server at his/her own location. With this approach, it not only gives users back the control of their own data, but also makes it really hard for hackers to locate the server and track the activities. BIM Box sincerely wants to hand back the freedom of privacy communication to our users

BIM Box adopts bank level security to secure communication between server and parties. Apps on your smart phone also pre-loaded with our certificate to prevent middle man attacks

We are certified by Devcore. BIM's server and architecture meet the highest global standard compliance requirements, which thoroughly covers scanning, vulnerability check and penetration tests

OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project)

OSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual)

NIST SP 800-115 (National Institute of Standards and Technology - Special Publication 800-115)

Additionally, user decides where to host the server, which makes it really hard for hackers to find where the server is.

BIM Box itself has hard drive encryption, and furthermore, if user uses privacy-mode to chat, all the message will be removed after read. There will be no record left in the server.

Absolutely no. Currently, most wi-fi video monitoring cameras, or smart digital gadgets on the market, would connect back to their pre-configured server and route the data back and forth to collect users' data for analysis. BIM Box, on the other hand, keeps our promise to provide the best privacy in all means, does not connect to the public server at all. After you purchase and finish the installation, you have full control of the server location, users' accessibility, and all the data. When we roll out updates, user could download from our official website directly.

Bim Box is a lite version of our enterprise messaging service - BIM.

Amphiware simplifies the installation steps and tailors it to meet personal needs. Without sacrificing any feature or security protection, we customized BIM with lower hardware requirement and proudly present the BIM Box to our non-corporate customers. FYI, currently, there are several IPO companies relying on BIM for their daily operations.

Regular instant messenger only requires your phone number to register without any restriction, but BIM Box is far secure than that. BIM Box is a closed system, and you could either add a user from the admin console or from your smartphone APP. People without a invitation code could not use BIM Box at all

BIM Box is free of ads and phishing scams. Only authenticated user could have access to the box.

BIM Box gives you access to all kinds of features that could be found in regular instant messenger. Share photos, drawings, contacts sticks, audios, and location messages. On top of that, we also have secure message and schedule messages!

Yes, you could create groups in BIM Box, and we provide an easy UI for you to manage it.

BIM Box does not have usage/purpose limitations.

Yes. You could use BIM Box any time any where, without any concern of internet censorship as well.

Yes, BIM Box has employee mode, and you could preload it with groups and personnel in the amdin console.

BIM is built from the ground up to protect your data and keep your communications private, and it perfectly fits the nature of business usage. It is capable of conveniently preloading personnel and groups, which saves time for employees from adding one another's contact info using different brand of messengers designed for leisure use. BIM is free from internet censorship and keeps you connected worldwide. We support Android, iPhone, Windows and Web version, which gives all the options out there and you could associate your account with more than one phone number. This means that you don't have to worry about data synchronization issue between devices. Last but not the least, the server, with full data access right, is hosted in your designated location, and you no longer feel anxious about confidential data theft

主要是 BIM Box 只限於我們提供的小型硬體主機, 而 BIM 企業版則可以安裝於企業內部現有的主機環境當中, 可以提供更好的效能與同時使用人數.

BIM Box currently offer English and Chinese version

At this stage, we put our focus on instant messaging to enable user to adopt to our APP quickly without any learning curve.

BIM Box is preloaded with one set of stickers and it's not modifiable. In the near future, we would expand it to allow user to add stickers at free.

Please contact us by the means that we provide on our official website, and we will trouble shoot it for you. You are also more than welcome to give us feedback regarding bug that you experienced.

No, SMS is a simplified alternative to quickly verify user to experience our service. BIM Box operates independently, and you could only invite friends either through admin console or through the app. People getting the invitation would verify themselves through a one-time QR-Code to avoid impersonation.

Public mode is the same as the trial version that we offer on our website. Anyone could download the installation binary and start to use. We could customize BIM Box to use public mode, however, we do not recommend doing so, as BIM Box assume the customers' have no professional MIS team monitoring the system, and public mode could bring you unwanted users. If you insist on using public mode, you would have to let us know before purchase, and you could not switch it back to private mode after.

Yes, BIM Box allows user to use multiple phones and devices, associated with one or multiple phone numbers. All the data will be synced.

No, when secret message feature is turned on, BIM Box is only responsible forwarding the message. Once the recipient receives and read the message, BIM Box erase that message right away without leaving any trace in any form.

The message will stay and be synced with the server. Most messenger services on the market requires users to backup before switching phones or app reinstallation. Some other messengers limits users browse back up to half year of messages and once it's beyond that, you could no longer see it. BIM Box, on the other hand, synchronize everything between all your devices, and you could see your message since day one. However, if you use secret message feature, messages will be erased after read. It no longer exists either in server or elsewhere.

BIM Box currently supports Android, iPhone, Web, and Windows PC.

iOS 9 or above. iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad 2, iPad 3rd gen, iPad 4th gen, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPod touch 5th gen

Android KitKat 4.4.X or above. Mainstream manufacture: Google Nexus, ASUS, HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony, etc. Due to the fact there are more than many manufactures out there in the market, if you encounter any compatibility issue, please contact us asap, and we will look into it in a timely manner.

BIM Box currently does not support Windows Phone.

We had been through serious of stress tests and it's proven that we could support 30,000 online users without any problem. Yet, due to the limit of hard disk storage and memory, we recommend not to exceed 50 online users at the same time. If there is a need to support much higher number of user than that, please contact us, and we could provide the enterprise version for you.

To protect our customers' privacy, once BIM Box is configured at your place, it operates independently and does not connect back to us anymore. Also, we don't keep customers' info in any form, thus, if there is a system upgrade, you could download it from our official website and use the admin console to perform the upgrades. You could also email us to request updates as well.

Except backing up the whole hard drive as a whole, we will provide admin console for you to backup relevant information in the near future.

BIM Box comes with a 256GB SSD Hard drive, which should be fairly enough for 10+ users when communicating in the form of pure text most of the time. If there is a need to expand the storage, please let us know when you place the order. Once the purchase is done, we could no longer make that change for you.

Yes, we could offer that option to you and we will charge a bit more for this customization request. On the other hand, you might want to check our enterprise version messaging system - BIM

If our customer has doubts about the system, or there a need to maintain the system in the future, we could provide our source code. Please contact us by the means provided on our website, we will reply back asap.

Most our customers have different requirements in terms of number of user, features, and hosting environment. Our sales could contact you to learn more about your needs and provide an accurate quote afterwards. Please contact us, and we'll get back to you asap.

The life long authorization to use BIM Box comes with the purchase. You are not required to pay any additional monthly/yearly fee to use BIM Box

No, leasing option requires us to keep your security deposit and your detail information, and it does not fit the nature of the service that we want to provide. When you purchase BIM Box, we don't keep any record in any form, we are talking about 100% privacy!

We don't keep our customers' info in any form. When there is a need to have hardware maintenance, we will check the serial number of it, but not knowing who actually owns it. All the payment info is kept in encrypted form, and we would not disclose it under any circumstance. After BIM Box is configured, it operates independently, and will not connect to a public server or back to manufacture.

We accept cash, wire transfer, or PayPal. Please contact us to learn more about other possible ways of payment.

It takes about two weeks to prepare your BIM Box

We will use well known carrier, like Fedex or UPS, to deliver BIM Box to your designated location

Sales are final, and we don't take returns. Please download our free trial version first, so you could learn and understand BIM Box fully.

We provide three years of limited warranty for the hardware. As for software, we will continue rolling out updates and bug fixes.